Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Recipe...A Bible Study...A Sunday Full Of Things....

   Well, flying mice and I am again. It means I must be feeling like I'm gaining some control over the day to day if I'm able to show up some and blog. 
   Sermon was good this morning. Talked about holiness and mentioned a few of the "uncomfortable" things I always wish were said. Things were created to be stimulated by images so women need to dress modestly...and men have pictures in their minds right now they are fighting...don't give in to holy...choose holiness...desire to serve the Lord with all you are.... things like this... Psalm 119 was the scripture passage he went through. 
   I started using MyFitnessPal today. It counts my calories based on food and exercise. It helps me keep up with weight lost and gained. It tells me I should be able to lose ten pounds by this time next month if I'll follow the plan it set up for me. I'm sure trying. The foods I eat are good for you, but they are not all low calorie. I will be able to look more in to which ones really seem to help and which ones seem to hurt as I go. I just really want to finish this last leg and I think this will help. Maybe I need to finish a really big leg...or two legs...or both arms thrown in too. But finish I need to do either way. I told you I was struggling with having started nibbling at sugar again. oh dear me that's putting it lightly. And that is not good for diabetics at all. Not at all, which is most likely why my sugar is all out of whack. Why do these things have to look so good? Well, in all fairness...I actually got so busy that the way I was cooking and eating became know just how hard it is for the truly the time I'm done here I want to have rid myself of that excuse and be in the habit of right eating even during busy times. It's nothing more or less than a decision. Just a decision. I know how easy it is to get out of rhythm. I try. I really do. And having lost some more weight has encouraged me. But... not finished by a long shot. So... here I am...MyFitnessPal and I. 
   The ladies in church are starting a new Bible study...and I mention it here because I'm starting with them. I wasn't going to. I'm already involved in so much. But I decided I didn't want to be left out of a women's function. I'm always with the kids at church...and while I love that...I miss being with the women sometimes. That's why this up and coming women's conference we're all going to is going to be such a blessing. Anyway...the Bible study is called STUCK and it's by Jennie Allen. Have you heard of it? I never have, but that's to be expected. I don't get out there and find these things much. Not since my favorite Bible bookstore burned down and they moved it somewhere else. That's been two years and I still haven't figured out where. Just as well. Less money spent. 
   Hannah gave a tad more milk today. I was thrilled. I'm certain it is tied to the diet. I have switched it here and there...watching...and I've come to the conclusion that her diet has to remain the same in certain ways if I want the milk. So...remain it shall. The experiments are helpful. 
   I learned a new recipe yesterday...too bad it's not on my diet...but it's for corn pudding. Four cans of creamstyle corn and one box of Jiffy corn muffin mix with just a tad of milk. Mix and bake. Not sure the temp but when it doubt 350 goes...or if in a hurry... 375.... either way...that stuff tastes amazing. Just amazing. 
   Not sure another thing is worth writing. Not sure this was. But it's good to just be writing. Miss doing it when I don't. I think of those things I would write about. But then, I longingly determine there's just no time. That wasn't today though. Today I made it here. Hope your week is good. 
   Blessings...This is Goodbye from the Blackberry Patch...We'll be seeing you soon......