Monday, November 25, 2013


Good Morning from the Blackberry Patch....

       It has been a month since my last post. I do apologize. I've been very involved in life here. 
       To try and catch up... we are looking at winter weather now...and I've been trying to perform squirrel duty and live like the ant. Just working. 
      You all know I started working outside the home on a limited basis this fall. It has been an adjustment to our schedule. What bothers me the most is that people didn't respect me nearly as much for all the work I did at home. Nope. Not till I started working outside the home. And I have to say...what I do at home is much more profitable.It is just one more area where people don't understand because they've been brainwashed by this agenda to destroy the family. plan...Good Lord not to be leaving my family to get all caught up in this agenda. 
      That brings me to some of what's been going on here. Well... I started gathering the oranges for the marmalade. I have enough to give it a try. It makes me nervous... trying something I haven't done before...but I'll give it a go. Just a small bit...and see how it works. 
      I finally discovered the nut trees I had been looking for. far just the hickory and oak...the pecan still evades my sight. I gathered all I could from the woods...but the squirrels had discovered most of them first. However, a neighbor had many acorns in their yard. They really didn't care about keeping those. I was thrilled. I gathered hundreds of  acorns from Sawtooth Oak. 
    We have started preparing food with those acorns and using them in raw foods. I've been impressed and pleased to see how good they are when used that way. What a blessing. I continue to collect them. When people find out I am willing to gather their acorns they are willing to share. Most people don't want them. 
     We've been stocking the cabinets for the fall. I believe I've decided to begin gathering grains again come January. Before that we need to have our spaces organized. 
     In a few short weeks the oldest will be moving to his new home. He's going to be doing some work for an organization he's a part of. It is difficult to see them go....but trusting the Lord to see him through. My ability to see him will be limited. He will be very busy and will be living about three hours from us. 
    I continue to focus on the things that must be done to prepare for the coming year. In life we can't stop to grieve for sadness when so much is at stake for survival. Not knowing what the coming year will hold...we must prepare for the worst and trust for the best. So, I look at things from that perspective. 
        The rains came later than the berries needed this year so that made for a very difficult year berry wise. We hope and pray for next year. 
        The goats are still producing what we need. Yesterday we did have to butcher one of the roosters. He was getting too aggressive. It wasn't the happiest moment...but that's life on a farm. There are joy filled moments and moments that are simply real. 
         I work for an exchange student program and clean houses both now. That along with the place and homeschooling and church keep me very busy. We have a homeschool co op we've been part of this fall. We are planning to be part of it this coming semester. We planned a Thanksgiving gathering there and feel it was a great success. The next event I'm planning is for January or February and the theme is The Great Depression. 
           I have many days of thankfulness now. It isn't always easy. I battle the desires of the flesh like all people do. Things I want. Ways I feel I've had less or been cheated somehow. But I try to train my mind to remember that we are not looking for a home here. I have always said that it is easy for a rich person to say that. A person with a beautiful home and things and many dreams easy for them to say we aren't looking for those things here. But if you have missed that...if it hasn't been's more difficult to say that. And it must become your practice. The saints realized this and they sought to learn it.... I seek to learn it as well. 
       One of my next projects is cranberry canning. I decided this morning that I really want to can some of these cranberries before they are out of season and gone from the markets. I can buy the cans already made...but I wanted to make it the way I want it ....and know exactly what's in it. 
        I see the morning light. We are due for some sleet today. I'm hoping not much .... I have one fellow out working now and another due to go in and work till late. I really need clear roads. I've got chores outside that will be more difficult if the weather shifts to ice and snow. I'm hoping to miss this part. 
           I will let you know how The Great Depression goes. Should be real interesting to see what people bring. 
      Well, this is Goodbye From The Blackberry Patch....We'll Be Seeing You Soon......