Saturday, March 16, 2013

Theives Oil Recipe

Thieves Oil Recipe

This blend was created from research about a group of 15th century thieves and grave robbers who rubbed oils on themselves to avoid contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying. When apprehended these thieves disclosed the formula of herbs, spices and oils they used to protect themselves in exchange for more lenient punishment.

This blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils was tested at Weber State University for its potent antimicrobial properties. Thieves oil was found to have a 99.96% percent kill rate against airborne bacteria. The oils are highly antiviral, antiseptic,antibacterial,anti-
infectious and help to protect the body against such illnesses as flu, colds, sinusitis,bronchitis,pneumonia, sore throats, cuts etc.

Clove oil (syzgium aromaticum) 200 drops or 1/2 ounce.

Lemon oil (Citrus limon) 175 drops

Cinnamon Bark oil (Cinnamoomum verum) 100 drops

Eucalyptus oil ( Eucalyptus radiata) 75 drops

Rosemary oil (Rosimarinus officinalis ) 50 drops

We also learned from Helen that these oils repel ticks as double duty on that....
    This combination is not something you want to use internally. I have not checked the other oils yet, but eucalyptus oil should never be taken internally. This is something you can use externally and in some of your cleaning. It is a very powerful combo that I didn't want to lose!!! Hope you try it and that it blesses you with better none toxic outcomes. 
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