Saturday, October 5, 2013


   Encouragement. It's a state of mind most days. I don't hear alot of it. People don't encourage folks who they consider strong or who are on a journey not like their I find that encouragement comes from within. That's ok. It's really a good practice to know how to encourage yourself. It's a good practice to keep a good attitude. Those negative feelings will spill all over your life and all over your kids. It's just a good practice to find the good in things. The magic of that is that when you find the good...more good just keeps popping up. Now....did it happen because you chose the good so more showed up, or were you blind to what was already there till you started looking? I think a little of both happens. 
   Keep looking at the good. It's free. It doesn't mean your pain is less. It just means pain controls you less. 
   This is Goodbye from the Blackberry Patch....We'll be seeing you soon.....